Saturday, June 21, 2008


Freewrite on the old cliche, "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse."

I wasn't quite sure how to freewrite on an old adage that I have never heard of. (Don't laugh.) We'll have to delve into the literal meaning of this "well known" quote from Shakespeare.

Who gives up an entire kingdom for a horse? Is this horse famous? Does he have magical powers? Either this horse is especially fantastic or the king willing to give up his kingdom on a whim is an idiot. Did he lose his horse and forget to bring a spare? You can never be too prepared in times such as these when a horse will come in so handy that you're willing to give up everything you possess to get another one. Bring two, dummy, and keep your kingdom. Never underestimate the power of preparedness.

Perhaps the kingdom being referred to here is nothing but a small section of swamp and mudlands, in which case, I'd definately take the horse and not feel sorry for the poor sap who gave me his horse in exchange. Maybe this king isn't an idiot, but a crafty businessman practicing the art of screwed up capitalism. Cunning and crafty are the ways of most successful businessmen. I'd bet this king would win at the game of Monopoly.

Does this king ever get a horse? Perhaps I should have done some research before trying to attempt a freewrite on such a topic. Let's just say he does get his horse. I hope that horse has good teeth, sweet breath and a warm body because the king no longer has a place to stay and this new horse of his has just become his new best friend. Be kind, King, be kind. He's all you've got in this world and he's likely to be far less foolish than you.

Friday, June 13, 2008


What is something you are completely fantastic at, and what is something you are really crappy at?

I've decided to write according to my first thoughts and then follow-through without any consideration as to what I'm actually writing about because...

I am completely fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC, at blurting out randomness. It doesn't even qualify as talking, really. If you need someone to change the topic on a whim and at 2 minute intervals, I'm your gal!

This ability has been in development for many years...when I was girl a common phrase was, "Carillisa, only tell me if you'd write it in your journal." Little did my father know, I wrote even more in my journal than I talked. After that discovery was made, the phrase changed to, "Go write it in your journal".

I am so good at what I do, I've decided I might bank on my talent and make a few extra bucks for my services. For instance, if you need someone to fill in empty talk time at a party, that can be arranged (for a minimal fee). If you need me to stand in as you argue with someone, I could prove very handy at interrupting and prohibiting any words in edge-wise. And because I have an opinion on just about everything (whether it's right or wrong), I have an endless source of material. Or perhaps you are in need of a good laugh, the good harty "laugh at someone, not with them" kind, in which case, I can do that too (of course, this one might cost more due to humiliation inflation). In fact, this last service might even be my best. All I have to do is open my mouth and start talking, the rest takes care of itself! "Open mouth and insert foot" is never wasted on me.

And as for the second part of the topic, what are you really crappy at? That's easy!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Know Your Daughter Has Diabetes When... pick her up at her friend's house and the girls have spent their evening pretending all their dolls have diabetes. They use old syringes, without needles, to give the shots and even pull out the emergency glycagon kit when one of the doll's sugars drops so low she almost goes into a coma! (That particular doll was lying very quiet on the couch, "recovering".)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Trip Log...

While we were in New Jersey, we took a Sunday walk around the river. It was beautiful and exactly what I'd want my heaven to look like. Lucky David and Natalie...they only live a mile away from this scenic getaway. Everything was in bloom and simply breathtaking. We could have stayed there all day.

I took this for dad. It reminded me of Anne of Green Gables.

This is someone's lane to their home.

For me, this walk was one of the highlights of the whole trip.

Friday, June 6, 2008


When technology goes too far...

Cosmetic Surgery.

I know there are many cases when this is a wonderful thing. I have seen lots of people benefit from it's applications. My only complaint, and I'll admit, it's a big one, is when people can't leave it alone. Here's some tidbits to nibble on:

In 2007, men and women combined had a total of:

Liposuction 456,828
Botox 2,775,176
Breast augmentation 399,440
Hyaluronic Acid (Hylaform, Juvederm, Restylane) 1,448,716
Eyelid surgery 240,763
Laser Hair Removal 1,412,657
Abdominoplasty 185,335
Microdermabrasion 829,658
Female breast reduction 153,087
Laser Skin Resurfacing 647,707

In 2002, the total number of elective breast augmentations was 32,000 and that seemed incredible to me. 399,440 is unbelievable.

It's quite addictive and why not? If I had the money and could fix every little flaw, I'd be quite tempted. And I am not objected to a little tummy tuck or a possible lift (heck, if I thought Richard wouldn't object too much, I'd probably opt for a fabulous reduction!) And laser hair removal? Sounds good to me, but when I am fifty, I should look fifty. When I'm eighty, I NEED to look eighty. It's just not natural folks! Besides, if we can just be patient - we're all gonna get brand new bodies to flaunt around in.

In my opinion, this technology can easily go too far.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Plumbing - And It's Various...Um, "Applications"

Gavin and his father were working out in the garden last week figuring out the best solution for watering. Richard had various plumbing parts laying around and he asked Gavin to grab him a female connector, not the male one. (I'd definately prefer different names for these plumbing parts, but I guess I missed that meeting). So, Gavin hands him the part and then asks what all 11 year boys would ask, "Dad, why do they call them male and female?" A great question and thankfully Richard was on duty to answer it.

He explained the differences and how one part will fit nicely into another. At that precise moment, the lightbulb went on in that enlightened brain of Gavin's and he said, "Oh, yeah! Just like in real life."

Yes, Gavin. Just like in Real Life. I'll bet you never look at plumbing parts the same again.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

FFA - Week # (Oh, I don't even remember!)

I am way behind in our FFA topics and I am not sure I should even try to catch up, but I don't want to be banned or anything (not that it's possible). Besides, I really liked this topic.

This particular week's topic: Who should play you in the movie version of your life?

At first, I didn't know. I hadn't really thought of it. So, what does one do when they are in a stump? Ask the closest person sitting next to them. That happened to be Richard. His answer: Selma Hayek.

Yeah. I know. We only have one thing in common and mine need to be "altered", but a boy can dream can't he? Dream on, I say, while you do the dishes!

I also thought of Bree Hodge from Desperate Housewives. She doesn't look a bit like me, but her personality on the show might resemble me a tad. She is religeous, she likes to bake and host parties and if things aren't in the right order, she'll lose it. I brought this up to Richard and he reminded me that she is also very manipulative and deceitful. Strike Two.

So, I thought I would let you, my faithful blog readers, decide what you think. Growing up I always had people tell me I looked like Candice Cameron (DJ from Full House). I wasn't much of a Full House fan, but I did have long hair.

The other candidate is Kellie Martin. Now I did watch Life Goes On quite faithfully. Many people told me I looked like her as well. I had the same round glasses and the short barrel rolled hair (I thought of posting a photo, but I confess, it's too embarrassing.)

Would you pick one of these or is there someone else that would fit the mold better? Oh, and Bree Hodge is off the docket. I might be slightly manipulative, but definately not deceitful.