Monday, July 23, 2007

Family of 5

I thought maybe the time had come to start one of these for our family. It was just too easy to do. So, I will give a current run down on our family as a whole and then try to remember to post the current events as I see them.

Richard is still employed with Far West Bank/American West Bank (I can never remember how the new name works to include both bank names, but you get the point). The big merge was actually just what we needed. Without it, I think Richard would be employed somewhere else or back to school so he could move jobs eventually. He was able to help set up the pay structure for loan officers and was finally given a long awaited and promised promotion. Aside from his 8-5 job, he still continues to work too hard, but he's a Bean, what do I expect?

Carillisa is keeping busy with the kids for the summer and fully enjoying it. We'll see what comes up for fall when they return to school. No plans yet.

Gavin is 10 and going into the 5th grade (Wow, that blows my mind! I remember that age...) and he couldn't be happier about it. Life for him is pretty much what you would expect a 5th grade boys life to be. Football and basketball, sword fights with sticks, air soft guns and video games.

Allison is 9 at the end of August. She'll be a 4th grader. She spends most of her time doing what her brother does, minus the air soft guns. While the boys play in the fort, she decorates it. She signed up for soccer in the fall and has found a new favorite thing to do, for which her mother couldn't be happier...SHOPPING. Finally someone who will enjoy school shopping as much as I do.

Lexi, our family pet (along with Kolibar the Cat) is 4 1/2 and thinks the world revolves around her. I guess it kind of does.

Well, that's us in a nut shell.