Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Orchestra Concert

Allie had her first orchestra concert last Friday. (Gavin also had a choir performance at the University Mall, but I didn't remember to bring the camera...he felt neglected). We were pleasantly surprised at the ability of these 7th graders who hadn't ever picked up an instrument (for the most part) until just a few months ago. "Kudos" to the teacher.



Betsy Lee said...

Good job Allie!! I didn't know she was playing the violin! Wow! She's getting SO OLD!!! I just can't believe she's a 7th grader! Wow.

Beckutie said...

Awesome! I guess I know who is going to be giving me my violin lessons now.
She is darling!

latinlees said...

B E A Utiful. Very good Allison. I'm jealous. I have always wanted to play the viola, or any string instrument for that matter.

DeAnna said...

I just want to squeeze her and her adorableness, she looks so sophisticated. I too am jealous, I always wanted to play the bass.
P.S. I would totally wear the finish sweater.

Loraine said...

Very impressive! Allison looks so grown up in these pictures. I'm so glad you did the video! Awesome job Alli!